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Born in Haiti but raised in the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY during the 80s Hip-Hop era, Juice naturally gravitated towards the music. First, as a conscious Hip-Hop artist and later as a producer and composer. The arts had always been an essential part of his life, so to build personal and professional brands around them was the natural path...


He began his music journey in 1985 as an emcee and formed a group called D.E.F. (Doing Everything Fresh) with his long-time childhood friend and another member. They later transformed into Massive Enterprizes in the early 1990s incorporating many members, making their crew a force within the underground hip-hop scene. Juice went on as a solo act and cut many demos. Not having creative control of what his sound would be, Juice decided to dip his hands into the music production side of the business. He went to the Center for The Media Arts and learned production basics, engineering and mastering. After which, the itch for music creation became more intense.

It was in 1990 when Juice joined the Blackwatch Movement working alongside X-CLAN, where he developed strategic skills in production dealing with sound, writing, arrangement, mixing (live or automated), and re-production. While he was more recognized as a Martial Artist with deep science of spirituality, he also worked closely with Paradise the Architect, the producer of the famous funk sound of X-Clan, which became their brand.  Juice stopped rapping when he developed his love for production and produced an underground album in 1997 called "Tales of A Lost Soul" that, unfortunately, didn't get picked up by a label but gained notoriety with massive radio play on Hot 97's late nite show "Home Jams," which gave unsigned artists and producers a chance to shine. These two most popular tracks were "Dark Days" and "Microphone Dreams".


Juice was also affiliated with the Zulu Nation, Collage Projects, Da Bush Babees, Everywhere Promotions, and many more. In 2002, Juice got his first break when he was called by Musa Moore of Moore Flava Entertainment to work on the Darkskin Scorpion Project. In this project, Juice had the opportunity with working with R&B group PROFYLE. Mooren has managed greats such as Big L, Mobb Deep and R&B group, Profyle. This opened the door to more opportunities, having music credits with many known and underground artists in the NYC area.

Then, Juice made a surprising move to Florida in 2002 to further pursue the arts (namely, his Martial Arts School, independent film, and modeling), and continued the music journey, collaborating with many South Florida artists and production companies as a solo, conscious hip hop artist and producer. Notably, he teamed up with Moon Doggie/ Nocternal Muzic Productions and released his solo mixtape, the 1st version, “Red Belt,” which explored new sounds in alternative rock mixed with the hardcore, boom bap sounds of hip hop Juice created. 

In 2019, Juice teamed up again with Musa Moore and as partners, they formed 12 Tribes Musik label based out of South Florida and NYC, also in collaboration with E. Ern and Spellkastaz. They are currently in production with several South Florida artists including The Official Krystal Klear, Luckii Havana, JB tha Great, Cone tha Gawd, Gr33d DaN3ro, Jay Lyrixs, J Vocalz, LL Cliché (Whoppa Wonda), and collaborations with many of their NYC based notables such as Wu Tang Affiliates Worldwide, Frank Lucas, Jr., Wu-Fam/Fullmoon Product (which Juice is an official member of), Mic Handz, Dready Kruger, Lost Soul, Da Bush Babees & much, much more! The surprise element? Juice is also working on another solo project after he successfully re-releasing the remastered project of RED BELT in 2023.  His new project will be called "THINKING OF A MASTER'S PLAN". 


Juice's constant evolving sound continues to elevate and set the bar high. It can only be described in one word: “otherworldly.” 


Stay tuned for new releases throughout the year 2024!!! THE LEGACY CONTINUES...



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Based in New York, Musa Moore is a music industry executive with over 2 decades of experience in the business. Naturally, like many of the youth from New York, Musa started in the business as a hip-hop artist. His keen business sense and desire to learn more about the industry as a whole influenced him to eventually gravitate more towards the executive and management end of the industry. In the 1990s and early 2000s, he joined other successful music industry executives in the directing and managing of several big-name artists as the president of Moore Flavor Entertainment.

His first project was as a music video director for “Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep and from there, he signed on as manager to Columbia Records artist Big L. His first major mainstream success came when he discovered one of the era’s most quintessential and sound-defining R&B groups Profyle from Shreveport, LA. The group, under Musa’s direction, would sign with Kedar Massenburg’s Kedar Entertainment at Motown and go on to perform the Billboard No. 1 record on the R&B and Hip-Hop chart called “Liar.” Other artists that Moore Flavor Entertainment produced and managed were Chinah Blac, Erykah Badu’s former back-up vocalist, rap artist Darkskin Scorpion and R&B group Xklusive. Moore Flavor Entertainment would also give a young, up and coming producer at the time named Juice Da Witch Docta his first break, and hired him to work on the Darkskin Scorpion album.

After some successes and some obstacles due to the nature of the unpredictable music industry, Moore found himself within the political arena in Brooklyn, lobbying for changes that would effectually better his community and perhaps, elevate his status and broaden his reach, so that if the opportunity ever presented itself again, he would reemerge into the music game with fresh eyes, instincts and a sharper skillset to navigate the waters.


That opportunity would come in 2019 when he teamed up again with Juice, forming 12 Tribes Musik label and production company based out of South Florida and NYC. Moore’s illustrious executive expertise in management, development and negotiations will catapult the label’s talent into the forefront of the music industry. 12 Tribes Musik is currently in production with South Florida artists including Krystal Klear, Cone tha Gawd, Jay Vocalz and featured artists including Luckii Havana, JB tha Great, Greed Dinero, Jay Lyrixs and others.

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